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Omrani, A., De Vrind, V.A.J., Stoltenborg, I., Kooij, K., Wolterink-Donselaar, I.G., Luijendijk-Berg, M.C.M., Garner, K.M.,
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Identification of novel neurocircuitry through which leptin targets multiple inputs to the dopamine system to reduce food reward seeking. 

Biological Psychiatry [LINK]


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The continued need for animals to advance brain research. 

Neuron [LINK]


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ORANGE: A CRISPR/Cas9-based genome editing toolbox for epitope tagging of endogenous proteins in neurons.

PLOS Biology [LINK]


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How the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the necessity of animal research.

Current Biology [LINK]


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SSRIs target prefrontal to raphe circuits during development modulating synaptic connectivity and emotional behaviour. 

Molecular Psychiatry [LINK]

Tan, D., Nuno-Perez, A., Mameli, M. & Meye, F. J. (2018).

Cocaine withdrawal reduces GABABR transmission at entopeduncular nucleus - lateral habenula synapses.

European Journal of Neuroscience [LINK]


Lecca, S., Meye, F. J., Trusel, M., Tchenio, A., Harris, J., Schwarz, M.K., Georges, F. & Mameli, M.  (2017).

Aversive stimuli drive hypothalamus-to-habenula excitation to promote escape behavior. 

Elife [LINK]

Meye, F. J., Trusel, M., Soiza-Reilly, M. & Mameli, M.  (2017).

Neural circuit adaptations during drug withdrawal - Spotlight on the lateral habenula.

Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior [LINK]

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Nicotinic receptors mediate stress-nicotine detrimental interplay via dopamine cells’ activity.

Molecular Psychiatry [LINK]


Meye, F. J., Soiza-Reilly, M., Smit, T., Diana, M. A., Schwarz, M. K. & Mameli, M.  (2016).

Shifted pallidal co-release of GABA and glutamate in habenula drives cocaine withdrawal and relapse.

Nature Neuroscience, 19(8):1019-24. [LINK]

Doly, S., Shirvani, H., Gata, G., Meye, F. J., Emerit, MB., Enslen, H., Achour, L., Pardo-Lopez, L., Yang, SK.,
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GABAB receptor cell-surface export is controlled by an endoplasmic reticulum gatekeeper.

Molecular Psychiatry, 21(4):480-90.


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Cocaine-evoked negative symptoms require AMPA receptor trafficking in the lateral habenula.

Nature Neuroscience, 18(3),376-8. [*=equal contribution]

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Ventral Subiculum Stimulation Promotes Persistent Hyperactivity of Dopamine Neurons and Facilitates Behavioral Effects of Cocaine.

Cell Reports, 13(10):2287-96.


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Neutral antagonism for the cannabinoid 1 receptor is a safe tool to treat obesity.

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